Friday, May 29, 2015


Ariel Tumblr

The other day I was searching Tumblr and I came across this post. I like it all for the obvious CP and Disney reasons, but I disagree with the creator a little. I would absolutely LOVE to be rid of my lower half, but not just for better more reliable legs. No Ma'am, I want a mermaid tail! Ever since I was a little girl I've wanted to be a mermaid. I mean who doesn't want to be a mermaid?

I grew up near the water. When I was a little older than Miss Roo is now my mom took me to see a mermaid show. You go down into underground room and look at a big glass wall which allows you to see Mermaids performing in the springs. It's amazing. Afterwards you can go get a picture with one of the mermaids from the show sitting on a rock. I'll never forget how special it was to meet a real mermaid. She kissed my cheek and I refused to wash the lipstick off. I wish I still had that picture.

Being a mermaid is magical, but for me being in the water always made me feel so free. I could swim just as fast as I pleased, run even! I could do handstands and flips. Spasticity and balance became non-issues in the water. I had reoccurring dreams as a little girl about being underwater, sometimes with a mermaid tail. I used to love that ride at Epcot that had the future homes. There was a space colony, a dessert and my favorite was the underwater colony. People just living in this little bubble dome under the sea. Incredible.

Swimming is what I imagine flying would feel like. I think Ariel got the raw end of the deal, but then again the seaweed is always greener, right? Maybe if swimming was all I'll ever known clunking around on land would have a lot of appeal. I still think a mermaid tail is the way to go.

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