Wednesday, May 27, 2015

In Your Dreams!

Lego Parking Lot

Here is a late 90's throwback for you. This is me, thoroughly amused at the tiny parking spaces and meters at the Lego store. Which loosely ties in with my post because you'd put change in the meter and leave your chair behind in this fantasy, right?

Over the the long weekend we were having a discussion about dreams. Mike was saying he'd never dreamt about a certain situation. I said it's a funny thing how dreams pull from your conscious mind, but at the same time I've never been disabled in a dream. I've had dreams where I can't out run something scary or physically get to something I need, but I never dream my funny gait or mobility devices. Not Once. What about you?

I never thought it was weird either. Anyone can be limited in any way in a dream for no reason at all. We're just not our actual physical selves when we dream. I've had dreams were I'm older, younger or even a different gender than I am in real life. What do I know anyway? I'm just speculating based on being able to fly or sink into a tiny puddle the size of one of your feet. I would love to hear if anyone has a theory or does dream their disability.

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