Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Letter to My Ex's Mother

Dear His Mom,

             I just want you to know how much our time as "family" meant to me. Although I knew your wisdom was valuable at the time or knew how much I'd reference it in the future. Your voice lives in my mind even now with those of my most respected mentors. In fact, I think of you more often than your son these days.
             That is not to say I don't remember my long relationship with your amazing son with great fondness, it's just that as inconceivable as it would have been to to me then, my life now is so similar to yours then. I hear and follow your advise all the time these days. I would have laughed if you had told me I'd ever become a mother of two whose days revolve around laundry and shopping lists. Here I am though, here I am. It seems more often then not we're not even aware of the gifts we receive in our youth. I reflect on our talks and wish I had been wise enough to remember more of what was said or ask more questions.
             These days I think of you when I plan out a week of dinners, sort laundry or feel my identity apart from the kids slipping away. Your words from all those years ago bubble up and ring true. You gave me practical advice as well as comfort that I only needed and appreciated later. I know you'll never know your impact on me, but I'm grateful beyond words.
            Thank you for being a role model, friend and a whole lot smarter than I was (to be fair the early twenties aren't usually the smartest years).

Me (older and wiser)